Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Joe

Yesterday was a great  Americans birthday. No not Mel Brooks but Joe Biden.A man who in these shitty times of doubt and fear has been the one we have looked too for stability in a world gone mad. Maybe it was his on air flubs, saying things that we don't expect from a politician. Maybe it was the wacky pictures of him strutting around in his shades giving the look of a badass or flirting with a biker chick or offering rides to teens in his limos to rallies. Maybe it was the stories of a man who's life was filled with tragedy and used it to fine joy in life. Who knows? 

Joe Biden is the first VP that didn't scare the shit out of the world like Dick Cheney or for you older folks Spiro Agnew ,wasn't the butt of akward boring jokes like a prebadass Al Gore, he wasn't a semi- inbred like Dan Quayle and wasn't trying to blame others like George HW Bush( it's funny as hell that Pappy Bush is missed). No Joe Biden was something else. He was that fun uncle who got you a little too drunk at Christmas, he was that buddy who talked you into streaking through the church parking lot, but he was like that friend who was the first person you'd call after your girl broke up with you, he was like the friend who'd help you get home after a hard night if drinking, he was like that dad who'd help you feel better after your first pet died. 

Joe Biden has been willing to say the hard truths that we all don't want to hear. He's been willing to tell it like it is. When healthcare was passed he  was caught on a mic saying " It's a big fucking deal", the media freaked out but at the end of the day all he said was what we all where thinking. He came out on his own and said " Hey Iam cool with the gays, why aren't you?". He did that in an election year. After Obama got his ass kicked in that first debate Uncle Joe went in there and smacked the shit out of Paul Ryan by saying what we wanted to hear for a long time. He called him out in front of the nation. After Uncle Joe called out Rommney for the 47% comment, Ryan responded with a comment about Biden sticking his foot in his mouth.Uncle Joe turned to the camera and simply said " At least I believe what Iam saying". And that is   The brilliance of Uncle Joe and why he is so popular. In a time of BS from politicians and lies, Joe Biden is the last man around that you can actually trust. You know he's honest. You know he actually gives a shit and isn't just lying to get ahead. I mean this is a guy who when he as a senator was named the 99th richest senator, meaning he wasn't pulling in the big bucks like the others. All of his money was in his house. Who the fuck hears that from a politician ? 
Now we all know the systems been rigged to help out certain people. Let's be honest folks it is, and we all know a good majority of the people in power don't give a damn, but every once in a while a person shows up that makes you believe that hey just maybe it isn't all bullshit, just maybe the whole damn thing is worth fighting and dying for. They help you believe again. That's Joe Biden, he'll never be President which is too bad.He'll never be on Mount Rushmore which is a travesty. But knowing he's there in the White House serving as the true voice of reason, that makes me believe that my grandfathers didn't fight in vain. So thank you Uncle Joe and happy birthday.

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